Our Service is unique

Fly.Green is a unique flight search engine to book your flight and to reduce your climate footprint. We are unique, because only we combine all three relevant components of sustainable air travel:

Reduce your impact

Reduce your impact

Add carbon to the equation and make a qualified choice

Search and Book

Search and Book

Excellent flight offers from 750+ carrier and virtual interlining



Compensate emissions by offsetting in certified projects

Challenge the old ways

The environmental impact of flights is not part of the traditional booking process. Many of us do care about our travels’s impact on the environment and many started offsetting their CO₂ footprint in renewable energy projects. So why is online flights search all about “the cheaper the better”?

By combining flight search with environmental data and by making offset an integral part of travel, Fly.Green is challenging the traditional ways of travel planning.

About our Beliefs and Goals

  • make the environmental damage caused by flights “visible”
  • trust travelers’ ability to make a qualified choice
  • make carbon reduction a matter of competition between airlines
  • be a factor in making the aviation industry sustainable
  • help travelers to balance their climate footprint by providing guiding information
  • we are dedicated to keeping this simple, transparent and independent from industry influence

About Us

We are YOU! A traveler, parent, scientist, engineer, dreamer, realist, one who cares about human’s impact on our climate and one who is scared about the consequences of climate change. One to take action, one for change, one to make sure our kids have a safe place to live. And yes, we all can do better. And it starts with our choice!

Fly.Green has been initiated by Philipp Gablenz. Philipp has years of experience in the aviation- and travel-industry and loves to travel with his family. Fly.Green was build by an engaged team of designer and engineers, as well as marketing and travel experts.

Being Green Inc., the New York based company operating Fly.Green, achieved the B-Corp. pending status and is now on the path to become a Certified B Corporation. A “benefit for all” company is committed to use their business as a force for good. We are dedicated to build a business that will sustain its purpose-driven mission, evident by our first step of incorporating stakeholders’ rights into our legal DNA. Additionally, by completing the B Impact Assessment, we now have the tools needed to measure, compare, and improve our impact over time. Over the next twelve months, we are now looking forward to our company’s advancement to become a Certified B Corporation by meeting the appropriate performance requirements.

Our Partner for emission data and offset

Our German partner for emission data and offset is – atmosfair – a not-for-profit organization. They won a lot of international independent tests and studies. Within the industry they are considered one of, if not THE, best.

Data on airplane types, engines, flight routes, and many more, was generated in scientific research projects and verified by the Federal Environmental Agency in Berlin. The calculations include the effects of the different pollutants according to the latest scientific knowledge, especially their impact at high altitude. The atmosfair Emissions Calculator covers approximately 92% of global air traffic.

Our provider for flight data and booking

We decided to exclusively connect our search to kiwi.com for several reasons:
Kiwi.com offers a service guarantee covering you while travelling. If there are any issues with your flight during your travels, and you get stuck at the airport, Kiwi.com can offer alternative flights to your destination or refund your cost for your unused ticket.

Kiwi.com offers Virtual Fare Types. This enables kiwi.com to connect flights from different airlines, that would usually not offer a transfer connection. They created this to offer to be able to sell even cheaper flights. We use it, to find greener flights! As kiwi.com also sells “traditional” flights, we found it great to be able to offer you every possibility on the market.

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