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5 reasons to fly to Berlin

1. Berlin is international

Berlin is super multicultural. Do you like to hear many different languages around you? On the one hand, this is thanks to the many tourists in the city. On the other hand, there are also all the newcomers to Berlin, who bring their own culture to the city and make it even more open and multicultural. Even a tourist who doesn’t speak a word German will not be misunderstood in Berlin.

2. Food from all over the world

This internationality has another tasty advantage. In Berlin, there is food from all over the world on every corner. A must for every visitor to Berlin is to eat a kebab. But there are first-class restaurants in Berlin from virtually every cultural area in the world. Berlin is the right place for you if you like to eat your way through the kitchens of the world.

3. The city of contrasts

Berlin is the city of contrasts, which makes it incredibly interesting. In some places, the city shines with impressive architecture, splendour and ostentation from the imperial era, while elsewhere it provides an abundance of old prefabricated buildings. Wealth and poverty are very close together here. And you can see that not only in the buildings, but also in the contrasts in the people you will meet in Berlin.

4. Sightseeing

Berlin is full of sights. If you only come for a weekend, you are spoilt for choice and of course you won’t get to see everything. The highlights for short breaks are the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag building and the free museum “Topography of Terror”. To do this, you should definitely get to know the nightlife in Kreuzberg and visit the many cafes in Charlottenburg around Savignyplatz.

5. Tolerance

Berlin is an open city. So open that every person can find a place there. It doesn’t matter what type of person you are, how you dress, how you speak, and how you love. You are very likely to find someone like you in Berlin. In the capital, you don’t have to pretend, you can be yourself. That’s what makes Berlin unique!!!

Skyline Berlin Sonnenuntergang

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