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Fly.Green is a carbon neutral website

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When people visit our websites, they consume electricity – and that causes carbon emissions (CO2) There are also carbon emissions from the servers hosting our website.

Together with many other companies, we have chosen to go carbon neutral online with our website: and

The organization behind the initiative have CO2 neutralized more than 25,000 websites globally, and the result is CO2-free surfing for the users, which is good for the environment.

If you click on the icon, you will see our certificate: and

The voluntary initiative is organized by They have mapped the emissions and made a CO2 neutralization program.

Grafic of carbon neutral

Please find further information regarding the

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Fly Green – is a free online flight search engine
Our goal to is to contribute to a sustainable travel industry. Every flight has a unique climate footprint, made visible for you. All based on data sources from independent scientific research. Plus, the optional cost for certified compensation are always included in any price display. A complete package of what is important for the decision-making of the environmentally conscious travelers. Read our story...