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Surfing in Portugal – it’s fun and sustainable

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Portugal – the dream of all city dwellers and active vacationers. Smell the sea and taste the salt. Where does this work better than in Portugal? This report shows how you can and should travel to one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and then succumb to your passion for surfing.

Surfing in Portugal: Geographically located on the west coast of Europe, Portugal is a mecca for surfers. Not only surfing, but also kite surfing and bodyboarding are of course popular. The beautiful beaches and bays and the mild climate make Portugal a “must see”. Anyone who thinks Spain is similar will be surprised. The mentality and culture are different even though the two countries are so close to each other.

Arrival Portugal – how do I get there?

The first thought is of course to take the plane, as the journey by car is rather difficult and you would have to drive over 2500 km. Since the topic of sustainability is very important to us, you can check the CO₂ emissions in our search mask from with several airlines and offset the CO₂ amount for it. So you can be sure that you get a ticket that does not unnecessarily burden the planet in terms of kerosene emissions and that the equivalent of euro in CO₂ also flows into sustainable projects at the same time.

surfing in portugal
Lissabon, Portugal
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From Germany there are direct flights from almost all major cities to Portugal. There are also direct routes to Portugal from Zurich, Vienna and Basel. If you want to travel by train, you can also travel through Europe to Portugal with an Interrail Pass.


Sustainable travel is always associated with accommodation that is also committed to sustainability. Take a look at ecob, they specialize in green travel. You can find exciting holiday apartments, holiday homes or small fincas for all of Portugal.

Surfing – Where? The north or the south?

In the north there are beaches in melodious places such as Nazaré, Ericeira and Peniche. You will definitely find a wave here. Of course, the off-peak times of summer are always better. In August it can also happen that only small waves come ashore here. The north is also greener and the weather a little more unstable. Some days it can also be foggy by the sea, so that no real summer mood arises. For this you will be rewarded for beaches that are not overcrowded and always come up with new interesting bays.

Surfing Portugal
Protugal – Nazaré
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Highlight: World’s biggest WAVES – Nazaré

Nazaré is the place with the MEGA waves. Even from Hawaii and other countries, surfing professionals come to Nazaré with waves that can reach up to 30m. If you are still a little unsure with the surfboard, you can enjoy the scenery at one of the many cafés. Nazare is (waves) magic! Praia de Norte and the lighthouse are the places to watch.

In the south of Portugal along the coast it gets a bit crowded, but you will find stable, mostly sunny weather. Typically everyone knows the Algarve. If you still like a bit of peace and quiet, or are looking for a (more) quiet bay, the surfing town of Sagres is the right place for you.

Beach in Portugal
Surfing in Sagres
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There are yoga studios, surf courses and many alternative surfers with their own buses who enjoy life here away from everyday life. Do not miss the last bratwurst before America, which is located directly at the fortress of Sagres, which is the westernmost point of Europe. The best time to travel here is from May to October, after which the die-hard winter surfers can continue with a daytime temperature of 15 to 18 degrees. This is still 15 degrees more than in the German winter! Sagres has several beaches, in the north you will find beginners and advanced spots. Praia do Beliche and Praia Tonel are definitely recommended. In Sagres itself, the local beach (Praia do Martinhal) is recommended. Depending on the wind direction there are waves here or not.

For going out in the evening we recommend the local restaurants. A hot tip is Three little Birds or one of the local bars on the promenade.

More highlights after the surf session

If your legs are tired from surfing, or you need a little variety, there are also many cultural highlights that can be discovered in Portugal. Lisbon as the capital is a small bee nest and full of history. Great hilly streets, old trams and a beautiful fortress are just a few highlights. Unobtrusive people, typical Fado singing and the view from medieval buildings in the old center of the Tejo are experiences that make a visit so unforgettable.

Praia Do Tonel, Sagres, Portugal
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Another highlight for prince and princess lovers is the Sintra Castle. Located north of Lisbon, this castle is well worth the trip. Anyone who loves Neuschwanstein has come to the right place. Architecture like out of a picture book and many small details in and around the castle are inspiring. The short hike to the castle increases the anticipation.

So if you feel like it now, you should plan your journey for next summer. For surfing in Portugal, you can find the best flights on directly to Lisbon, Faro or Porto.

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