Viva Mexico – let’s go to the Riviera Maya!

Despite the Corona issues in everyone’s mind, there are destinations that are still open to vacationers without many hurdles. So if you are not afraid to return home with quarantine rules in Germany, you should take a look at the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico. Great beaches, many historical pyramids from the Mayas, breathtaking nature and tropical climate offer the sun-hungry, sustainable traveler everything to escape the poverty of adventure. Mexico is a very popular destination for sustainable travel. Nevertheless, please inform yourself about the current situation before your departure. Most airlines nowadays offer relatively flexible cancellation conditions, so that you can stay flexible when it comes to travel planning. You can also find a lot of information about traveling during COVID in our blog article.

But now let’s go to the sun!

Getting to Yucatan, Mexico – How do I get there?

The journey is not that difficult despite the distance. There is currently a direct flight from Frankfurt to Cancun. Further options from numerous German departure airports with a change are possible. Just have a look on our Fly.Green search for the right connections for you.

Foto eines Holzschildes mit dem Schriftzug Riviera Maya in Mexiko.
Mexico – Riviera Maya
@Gustavo Frazao

Unterkunft für nachhaltig Reisende

Accommodation for sustainable travelers

After arriving in Cancun, you drive south along the Riviera Maya to Playa del Carmen or Tulum. On this 150 kilometer stretch of coast you will find white sand and turquoise blue sea. We recommend the region around Playa del Carmen because it is much more relaxed here than in Cancun. Hygiene rules are mandatory everywhere in the hotels, so that you can check in with peace of mind. Since the ecological footprint always counts for us, we have found 2 beautiful eco hotels for you:

Fairmont Mayakoba – Rivera Maya, Meciko.

The Fairmont is very popular because of its excellent location in the middle of tropical rainforest and the beach. The small buildings blend in nicely. There are various options for relaxation such as the spa area. The facility is “car-free” and everything is within walking distance.

Villa Pescadores Tulum – Tulum, Mexico

Located a little further south in Tulum, Villa Pescadores offers everything the heart desires for families with green fingers. The small bungalows are beautifully embedded in nature. Some even have a direct sea view. The historic sites of Tulum are also within walking distance. If you like it relaxed, you’ve come to the right place.

Which is more interesting: Playa del Carmen or Tulum?

Playa del Carmen – there is even a sustainable diving festival here

Let’s start with Playa del Carmen. Founded as a small fishing village, Playa del Carmen is now a classic for European vacationers. The impressive promenade along the beach is lined with palm trees and beautiful bars and restaurants. Especially off the main street you will find the regional taco stalls that the locals also use – it couldn’t be more delicious! Our insider tip Calamar De La 10 is here.

Foto eines tropischen Strandes in Playa del Carmen in Mexiko. Ein beliebtes Reiseziel von nachhaltig Reisenden.
Mexico – Playa del Carmen

In addition to the culinary highlights, you can immerse yourself in the nature around the place. The Xaman-Ha Natural Park offers a wide variety of exotic birds, flamingos and toucans in the wild. Those who love adventure can go diving in the famous cenotes, or devote themselves to other water sports in the sea: sailing, kiting or snorkeling. One highlight is the sustainable “Cenote Diving Festival”, which took place for the first time in November 2019.

Conscious travel to Mexico
Mexio – Cenotes

Tulum – the Mayan culture is omnipresent

Further south is the place Tulum, which is known worldwide for the thousand year old Mayan ruins, directly on the coastline. This place is shaped by its history and the omnipresent Mayan culture. Special relics from this period: the Castillo castle, the Temple of the Descending God and the port. Due to its location on a hill, the Castillo towers over the entire historical site and you have a good view of the Maya site. Even the Spanish were impressed by the structures when they arrived in the 16th century.

Conscious travel to Mexico
Mexico – Tulum
@Anna ART

The current place itself is located on a trunk road and a bit away from the beach, this is where the communal infrastructure is located. Most of the hotels, bars and restaurants are located on the fine sandy beach and offer accommodation for all budgets. However, you should inform yourself in advance so as not to fall for “greenwashing”. There are definitely critical reports on vacation in and around Tulum.

Conscious travel to Mexico
Mexico – El Castillo
@Joshua Davenport

What else can you discover?

Other highlights that should not be missing on your trip: Chitzen Itza, one of the largest still intact (and steepest) pyramids of the Mayas. Located in the middle of the inland in the jungle, you will find an interesting insight into how the Mayans lived and what knowledge they have already accumulated. Really breathtaking and a “must see”. If you have a little time, take a hotel nearby and visit the pyramid at sunset. What do you get for free? Few visitors and a romantic highlight for two!

Should you want to go on a further exploration tour, you can visit the Sian Kaán National Park or watch whale sharks near Isla Mujeres.

For us, the Riviera Maya is a great destination to recharge your batteries with all your senses. The combination of culture, great nature and culinary delicacies make a trip to Mexico unique. If you’ve got a taste for it, look at Fly.Green for flights from e.g. Frankfurt to Yucatan. Don’t forget to book your offset to make your trip as environmentally friendly as possible. And then, off to the Yucatan Peninsula – sustainable travel to Mexico.